Katadyn Group

Katadyn North America has relocated its headquarters

September 02, 2012

At Katadyn North America, we constantly endeavor to provide you with best in class services at all times. To ensure that we continue to offer valued services to our customers, we have relocated our US headquarters to a new location just a few miles northeast of our previous office. 

Our new facility is an investment to the future of the Katadyn Group. The constant growth in recent years had the US office filled beyond capacity.  The new facility allows for additional future growth as well as more modern office space with a larger and a more efficient warehouse.

We look forward to being of continued service to you!

Katadyn North America
4830 Azelia Avenue North #300
Minneapolis, MN 55429
Phone: 763.746.3500
Fax: 763.746.3540


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