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Clean water in Africa, thanks to Swiss filtering technology

September 05, 2013

For an international children’s relief organization like World Vision, clean drinking water is of vital importance. This applies to the needy children and their families in developing regions just as much as it does to organization associates working onsite. Martin Suhr, director of international programs for World Vision, recognizes the importance of clean water based on his own experience: During his 17 years in Sambia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe, he and his family as well as his coworkers used a water filter from the Swiss manufacturer Katadyn each day. The simple operation of the water filters and their vital importance in the real world can’t be overestimated.

All over the world, clean water means life and growth; on the other hand, dirty water is tied to illness, disease epidemics and suffering. That’s why tools for treating water that are easy to use and reliable are of such high value. Martin Suhr has experience with different types of filters from Katadyn. For four years, he used a model that attached directly to the faucet. After that, he and his team (seven people all together) used a Katadyn Drip filter, where the top part is filled with dirty water and it comes out clean from the bottom.

What are the alternatives for drinking water treatment, for example in Chad, in the middle of Africa? You can boil water, but that is quite time-consuming and tedious. You could prefilter and then chlorinate it. But the most convenient solution is the use of a Katadyn filter, where the dirty water must not be pretreated and it is poured directly into the filter. Martin Suhr tells how in developing regions the water supply system often breaks down. Thus, water that needs purifying has to come from a long distance away. He and his team were always pleased with filtered water in these situations as were others in the area.

In sum, says Martin Suhr about his experience with water filters: "Katadyn – They are my friends!"



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