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Katadyn Expedition filters are deployed by development agency worldwide

Nov 23, 2016 -

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) regularly dispatches Japan Disaster Relief (JDR) teams and provides emergency relief supplies when major disasters occur, mainly in, but not limited to, developing areas. They do this in response to requests received from the governments of affected countries or international agencies. An important part of these rapid deployments is to provide safe drinking water to remote areas with no or only partially intact infrastructure. In these large-scale disaster areas, self-sufficient teams are not only required to  support themselves with drinking water, but also as many affected people in the disaster zone. After having evaluated several water filtration systems, JICA selected the Katadyn Expedition filter as standard equipment for their disaster relief teams. JICA’s prompt response time in case of a disaster is only possible because of joint efforts and commitments with the manufacturers – including Katadyn: While JICA keeps Expedition Filter inventories in all 3 logistic centres for immediate dispatch, Katadyn in return guarantees prioritized supplies with shorter leadtimes for fast stock replenishment.

The Katadyn Expedition is a hand powered high-performance filter. Through means of ceramic depth filtration, it eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores and sediments. The filter element is easily cleanable in the field, so it can also filter very turbid water over a long period of time. As it is made of indestructible materials (stainless steel) it has an extremely long life time (up to 100`000 liters). This makes it a very reliable piece of equipment. It filters 4 liters per minute and as such offers the perfect relation between weight, durability and capacity for providing safe drinking water for larger groups on the move in remote areas.